"An hour is not merely an hour, it is a vase filled with perfumes, with sounds, with projects, with climates. What we call reality is a relation between those sensations and those memories which simultaneously encircle us … that unique relation which the writer must discover in order that he may link two different states of being together forever in a phase." — Marcel Proust  

Ciudad de México, 2023

An hour is not merely an hour es un proyecto archivo & editorial de Diego Berruecos y Daniel Castrejón. 

An hour is not merely an hour ... 

ACTUALMENTE: Cuando llueve me dan no sé qué las estatuas, 1979. En la vitrina de CLEA RSKY CDMX, Edison 137, Col. San Rafael, Ciudad de México. Cambio de pieza cada dos semanas a partir del 18 de mayo.